The unique shopping concept that is back “By Popular Demand”

Meet two local business owners who are helping other businesses

Meet two local business owners who are helping other businesses – There’s a unique shopping experience where you can find a wide variety of Detroit brands under one roof. By Popular Demand: The Collective was opened by Devin and Daisha McKenzie. The married couple and co-owners of the shop joined host Tati Amare and guest host Blaine Fowler to talk about how their storefront is giving exposure to local businesses.

The couple said they created the collective to help small businesses showcase their products. “A collective is where we come together to accomplish a common goal. So, all of these small businesses can benefit from somewhere to present, host, and sell their brand”, said Daisha McKenzie.

The inspiration behind By Popular Demand: The Collective was due to the lack of opportunities that were available to the McKenzies. “The opportunities that we were looking for, they weren’t regularly available, so we created them,” said Devin McKenzie.

Businesses can become a part of the collective for “90 days and beyond.” Daisha McKenzie said, “We’re looking for brands that are retail ready, people who are ready to grow, ready to expose themselves and their products to a bigger market, and just create a community and people who understand what it’s like to start and grow a business.”

To learn more about By Popular Demand: The Collective, watch the video above.