Good music mixed with great Laughs

Fall Back in Love Comedy and Music Jam Friday in the D

Do you have love for R & B music? What about comedy? Well the two are merging for a fun evening in the D. The tour “Fall Back in Love Comedy and Music Jam,” makes their stop in Detroit Friday. The producer and host of the show, most known from “Wild’N Out”, comedian Rip Michaels paid a visit to “Live in the D” where he spoke about the show to host Tati Amare.

“I called Monica, I called Mario and all the comedians, and we put together this amazing tour that’s non-stop,” Michaels said. The show will mix music with comedy. During the music breaks, a comedian will take to the stage and transform the audience from grooving to laughing.

The show takes place tonight at Little Caesars Arena in Downtown Detroit.

For more information and to view the entire interview, click the video above.

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