Have you seen the new trend on how to make your florals last a lifetime?

After a big event, consider getting your flowers preserved, there are many beautiful ways

After a big event, like a wedding, there are often a lot of beautiful florals that eventually whither and end up in the trash, but they don’t have to! Whether pressed or frozen in a shadowbox, there are many beautiful ways to preserve your florals for a lifetime.

Trending online right now is getting your flowers preserved in resin. The resin can be poured into any shape from a bookends, to a beautiful serving tray, to art you can display on your wall.

We spoke to Melinda Hoffman, the owner of Lasting Memories Floral Preservation in Holly, to learn more about how the whole process works.

Hoffman says she preserves florals for a variety of occasions including funerals, first dances, and of course weddings. Basically, if the event has beautiful flowers, and you want to preserve that memory, you can.

There are also a variety of looks to choose from as well. Pressed flowers is a very classic way to preserve flowers, and they do it a special way to keep the vibrant colors. You can display these in a frame, and can even choose to include something like an invitation or program in the artwork as well. Then there is a variety of 3D preservation techniques. You can get them put into a shadowbox, or in a variety of wall hangings.

Finally, as previously mentioned, what is trending right now is resin, also known as epoxy. The flowers can be pressed or kept in a 3D form, artfully placed into a mold, and then the resin is poured in and cures. This allows the art to take on a variety of shapes and functions.

If you are looking to get your flowers preserved, she has a couple of tips. First, place your flowers in fresh water in the fridge. Then get them to your preservationist within a couple of days. This will allow you to have the most options for how to preserve them. If you dry your flowers then you can get them still preserved in the resin, but pressing your flowers is no longer an option.

With the growing popularity, it is a good idea to book your service ahead of time, though Hoffman says she never turns anyone away.

If you would like to set up a consultation with Lasting Memories Floral Preservation, reach out to them on Facebook, Instagram, or over their website.