This Detroit boutique is bringing its fashion to you

Looking good is becoming accessible.

There is nothing like indulging in retail therapy, but leaving your house to do so can be very time consuming. What if there was a way that a boutique could come to you? Hendrean Williams from Overstuffed Closet Boutique joined “Live In The D” host Tati Amare and guest co-host Randy Henry to share some of the fashions that the mobile boutique has to offer.

Williams said that the business started with a bus that her husband transformed into a boutique. On the inside of the mobile boutique, Williams said that there are two changing rooms and racks of clothing. Overstuffed Closet Boutique has a selection of clothing for curvy women however, there is also clothing for other people as well. “We do have some men’s items and we have some items for little boy’s, like my grandson’s line”, said Williams.

Within the Overstuffed Closet Boutique, there are stylists who will help you to select the clothing that fits you. Williams said that there is also tailor who will help to do alterations on the clothing. Williams said, “The bottom line is to help you to be a better curvy woman with the clothes.”

To learn more about Overstuffed Closet Mobile Boutique, watch the video above.