Get a boost with coffee and donuts

Have you ever tried sour cream donuts?

Do you need a pick me up? Perhaps donuts and coffee could do the trick. A drive-thru spot in Detroit is doing donuts differently and serving up some unique flavors.

Key lime, brown butter plantain, birthday cake, lemon poppy, and cherry almond are some of the more adventurous flavors. Yellow Light Coffee and Donuts also serves more traditional flavors such as plain old fashioned and cinnamon sugar. In addition, they have a weekly specialty flavor that changes.

Yellow Light Coffee and Donuts specializes in sour cream style donuts, explained co-owner Niko Dimitrijevic. The dough is a batter style dough that gets loaded into a hopper and then extruded into rings. He said everything is made from scratch daily, from the donuts to the glaze.

If you need something to wash down your donuts, Yellow Light Coffee and Donuts offers drip coffee, lattes, and coffee slushies.

Yellow Light Coffee and Donuts is a drive-thru only shop located at 14447 E. Jefferson Ave in Detroit. Watch the video above to see some of their colorful donuts.

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