Planning a road trip? Here’s how you can win a full tank of gas

Memorial Day is on the horizon

There’s nothing quite like that road trip up north or to the lake to kick off the summer season. But we all know that those road trips can get expensive, especially when it comes to paying for gas.

Mark Bernstein, with the Sam Bernstein Law Firm, said he and the rest of the firm wanted to help families who are hitting the road -- by giving away 100 full tanks of gas.

“Live In The D” host Tati Amare spoke with Bernstein about why it was important for the firm to do something like this for the community.

“We are a family law firm, and some of our favorite memories are from road trips,” Bernstein said. “Everything is more expensive these days, so we want to take a load off of Michiganders as they hit the roads this summer season. We’re going to put some free gas in families’ tanks, and make sure they can enjoy the summer out on Michigan roads.”

Those who are interested in the giveaway can learn more and enter by tapping or clicking here.