Are you ready for Memorial Day?

What are your weekend must-haves?

Do you feel that? That’s the excitement of knowing Memorial Day is this weekend! We all know it as the start to summer, even if the calendar says there’s still another month’s worth of Spring. So, are you ready for the three-day weekend?

Joining “Live In The D” host Tati Amare, and guest-host Braylon Edwards to talk about it are Lauren Crocker with “Blaine & Lauren” mornings on 96.3FM WDVD, and Orlando Bailey with Bridge Detroit and co-host of the “Authentically Detroit” podcast.

First up, what are your Memorial Day Weekend must-haves? Orlando listed family as his number one, followed up by the sunshine. As he put it, he loves to be outdoors, by the water, and surrounded by loved ones. Lauren says she loves the water, so that’s a big thing for her, as is the food. She and her husband have already planned out the menu for the whole weekend. Braylon agreed as well and really emphasized that he likes to be out on the lake.

Next up they discussed whether everyone should experience camping at one point in their lives. Tati and Lauren are about glamping, but that’s it. Orlando says it’s fun to camp as long as there is running water nearby. Braylon generally agreed, saying there were ways to do it with certain amenities, but he doesn’t like sleeping on the ground.

Another thing that happens on Memorial Day Weekend is travel. The roads can get slammed, so do you like to leave early or leave late? How do you try to avoid the traffic? Tati says she likes to leave early, and Lauren agrees saying her husband likes to get the car packed so they can leave by 4 a.m. Orlando says if it is a car trip he leaves early, but if he is catching a plane, he likes to get there by the skin of his teeth. Braylon agreed, saying for car trips he likes to leave the day before at night, on what Lauren called the “buffer day.”

For the full conversation, watch the video above.

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