Pound cake makers offer unique story, treats packed with flavor

Local bakery uses real fruit to add extra flavor

As we celebrate Memorial Day Weekend, how about a little treat to go with your barbecue?

The husband and wife duo behind the flavorful cakes at Pound Cake Station stopped by Live in the D, and brought along some sweet treats.

They also shared how they make their cakes moist.

“You want to make sure you have a good ratio between your dry ingredients, and your liquid ingredients,” said co-owner Kimdra Jones.

Jones said they also use real fruit when making a fruit flavored cake, to give it that extra flavor.

Adding to the uniqueness of the cakes is how the business got started.

Co-owner Dr. James Jones says he would bake during the pandemic as a way to cope with the stress.

“With COVID and everything, baking was therapeutic for me — to come home and decompress,” he said. “I was calling everybody like, ‘Who needs a cake? I’m stressed.’”

The bakery offers multiple pound cake flavors like strawberry, vanilla rum, and more. There are also flavors of the month, like their current blueberry for lupus awareness month.

There are several locations throughout Metro Detroit, with a new location opening soon in Farmington.

For more information about the Pound Cake Station, click here.

To see the entire interview, and a pound cake cooking demo, click the video above.