Are you all-in on the Lions?

Friends of “Live In The D” chat about the hype surrounding the Detroit Lions

Many sports fans are drinking the so-called “Lions Kool-Aid” after the Lions beat the Kansas City Chiefs in their first game of the season. Are you joining the hype?

Jason Hall with RiDetroit and Aaron “Goose” Seller with WWWW Country in Ann Arbor appeared on “Live In The D” to talk with host Tati Amare and guest-host AJ Williams about the big buzz surrounding the Lions.

“I’m from Detroit, and so I’m a Detroit Lions fan. There’s no Kool-Aid to drink. We just live it,” Hall said.

“Goose” explained that his love for the Lions started when he was young because his mom is a fan. He said that he called his mom after the Lions beat the Chiefs and she had lost her voice from yelling at the TV.

Although some fans have supported the Lions for the long haul, it’s no secret that there are so called “band wagon fans” who only cheer for the Lions when they’re winning. “Goose” expressed that he doesn’t mind band wagon fans, but says he’s been a fan since day one. Meanwhile, Jason said the only reason this bothers him is because ticket prices will go up.

AJ explained that she’s always cheering for the Lions and that she was “so excited”. AJ also said she’s not a person who likes a lot of emotional turmoil, and compared the Lions to a boyfriend who keeps saying he’s going to get better and “put a ring on it.”

Watch the video above to hear the rest of the conversation.

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