Two winning Mega Millions lottery tickets worth $1 million each sold in Michigan

Tickets sold in Mount Pleasant, Grandville

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DETROIT – Two $1 million winning tickets selected in Tuesday night's Mega Millions lottery drawing were sold in the state of Michigan. 

The magic numbers drawn Tuesday night were 5, 28, 62, 65, 70, and the Mega Ball was 5. The jackpot is $1.6 billion -- with a one-time cash option of $913 million. A single lucky ticket holder in South Carolina can claim the jackpot. 

But there are other winners, too, who can claim prizes ranging from just a couple dollars to millions. In Michigan, two tickets matched five white balls for $1 million prizes. One was sold in Mount Pleasant and the other in Grandville. 

The most popular prize in the state from this drawing is $2 -- 340,628 tickets matched the Mega Ball for $2 prizes. 

The Michigan Lottery released these winning conditions Wednesday morning: 

Match 5 White Balls + Mega Ball0Jackpot
Match 5 White Balls2$1 million
Match 4 White Balls + Mega Ball13$10,000
Match 4 White Balls246$500
Match 3 White Balls + Mega Ball801$200
Match 3 White Balls19,028$10
Match 2 White Balls + Mega Ball17,466$10
Match 1 White Ball + Mega Ball136,722$4
Match Mega Ball340,628$2
Match 5 White Balls with Megaplier0$3 million
Match 4 White Balls + Mega Ball with Megaplier0$30,000
Match 4 White Balls with Megaplier18$1,500
Match 3 White Balls + Mega Ball with Megaplier43$600
Match 3 White Balls with Megaplier1,239$30
Match 2 White Balls + Mega Ball with Megaplier1,130$30
Match 1 White Ball + Mega Ball with Megaplier9,417$12
Match Mega Ball with Megaplier23,307$6


Here's where some of the winning tickets were sold:

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