Man claims he knows Oakland County Child Killer's name

ROMULUS, Mich. – Theodore Lamborgine, another suspect in the "Oakland County Child Killer" case from the 1970s, was reunited in court Tuesday with former partner in crime, Richard Lawson.

Police said the two men were part of a 70s sex ring that preyed on young boys in Detroit's Cass Corridor. Out of the five men involved, Lamborgine and Lawson are the only two living members of that ring.

Lamborgine is facing 19 counts of sexually assaulting children, while Lawson is facing 28 similar charges. Lawson is currently serving a life sentence for murder.

On his way out of a Romulus courtroom, Lawson, who is already serving a life sentence for murder, told Local 4 he knows who the killer is.

Later Tuesday, Local 4 obtained new documents detailing molestations of many children in the 70s and 80s. Three new names of suspects in the investigation were listed and one of those names matched the one Lawson gave as the Oakland County Child Killer. The name Lawson gave was Bobby Moore, one of the deceased members of the sex ring.

Although some of the members of the sex ring are deceased, police said they still need to investigate in case one of the deceased men turns out to be the killer.

Investigators said they do not believe Lamborgine or Lawson to be the killer, but they do think the men have valuable information that could help solve the case.

On Dec. 20, both men will appear in Romulus District Court for a preliminary examination.

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