Lions fan hit, killed by bus


Tragedy struck right outside Ford Field in Detroit on Saturday.  As a young fan was leaving the game, he ran in front of a bus and was hit and killed, said police.

"It was very bad because I did go around and see the person myself, and it was really indescribable," said bus passenger Teresa Byrd.

The accident happened on Woodward and Montcalm, right in front of the Hockeytown Cafe. According to police, a young man in his early 20s was with a friend when he apparently didn't look and ran out in front of a DDOT bus. The driver and passenger could do nothing to help.

"I just ran across the street and I just hugged this person and he was crying and he said ‘that's my friend' and I said oh my God I'm so sorry. And we just hugged each other," said Byrd.

That friend was being interviewed by Detroit and State Police. The bus driver has been cleared and attended counseling Saturday night.

"She's so upset. There happened to be another driver that was coming up the street that assister her because she was so upset about everything that happened," said Commander Dwayne Love of Detroit Police.

Police are investigating what led to the accident.