Interview with Bob Bashara: Part 3

Local 4 Defenders talk with Bashara family

Bob Bashara had reported her missing the night before.
Bob Bashara had reported her missing the night before.

DETROIT – It's been almost two weeks since Grosse Pointe Park mother Jane Bashara was found dead in her SUV in Detroit.

No one has been charged, but her husband, Bob Bashara, has been under intense scrutiny since being named by police as a person of interest in the killing.

But in an exclusive interview with the Local 4 Defenders, Bob Bashara's sister and mother are speaking out about the case and the family's relationship.

"I looked at my brother right in the eye and said, ‘Did you kill Jane?' And he said, ‘No, I did not. Of course, I didn't,'" said Laura Mauer, Bob Bashara's sister.

For more than an hour,  Bob Bashara's sister and mother, Nancy, sat by his side saying he's not to blame for Jane's murder.

Marc Santia: "Nancy, tell me this, because no one knows their son like a mom and the last 10 days you've been with your son nonstop, do you believe your son had anything to do with Jane's murder?"

Nancy Bashara: "Absolutely not. I don't believe he would hurt her in any way, shape or form."

Laura and Nancy said that while the focus has shifted to Bob and his personal life, the spotlight needs to stay on Jane and finding her killer.

"In all this mess I don't want to forget Jane, that Jane's not with us and we miss her terribly," Nancy Bashara said. "I look back at all the years and what a wonderful family that we have and Jane was a part of it. And now it's just, this is a whole new ball game to us and it's just shocked us and in the meantime we've lost Jane."

Despite everything, she added that the one thing she wants people to know is that her son is "innocent of this crime."