Interview with Bob Bashara: Part 5

Husband of Jane Bashara answers questions about their marriage

Jane Bashara
Jane Bashara

DETROIT – Bob Bashara didn't shy away from answering questions about his marriage with Jane.

"The reminders are constant and strong. I feel her every day and I miss her terribly," Bob Bashara said.

The couple was married for nearly 27 years, raised two children and helped out in their community.

"My reputation and what I've done in the community stands on it's own merit. At this point, I have no interest in my reputation. I have interest only in who did this to my wife."

Marc Santia: How would you characterize the last six months of your marriage?

Bob Bashara: "Like any marriage, you have your ups and downs. You have your rough patches that you come across.  About a year ago we did go to a marriage counselor to sort through some things."

Marc Santia: Were you having an affair?

Bob Bashara: No. I was not. I loved my wife. I loved my children and I would do nothing to hurt them. She meant everything to me.

Marc Santia: So, the reports and the other woman by the name of Rachel, you would characterize that as?

Bob Bashara: She was a good friend, that's it.

Marc Santia: Because of these reports of S&M, the affair, what have you said to your son and daughter?

Bob Bashara: Don't believe what you hear. This has been sensationalized, things have been brought up that aren't true. The focus needs to be on Jane's killer."