Driver fitting: Hitting the long ball


Most everyone wants to drive the ball farther and down the middle, and the key to that is matching the right configuration of head and shaft regardless of your ability.

When fitting for your driver, we are looking for specific launch conditions that are repeatable.

We first start with your driver as a baseline and monitor your ball flight as well as your swing speed, tempo, club delivery, and were the club is released.Once this is achieved our fitters would then put together several different combinations.

These are all player dependent and many key factors must be considered:

 - Head shape, loft, volume, and lie angle
- Shaft flex, weight, torque, and bend profile
- Length of the club and swing weight
- Grip type and size

Any one of these factors can produce drastic changes in your ball flight. Remember don't just assume because you have a certain swing speed that you just need a driver that is regular, or stiff in flex.

Make it a point to be properly fit and you will reap the benefits.

Christopher Darakdjian
Pure Impact Golf Studio