College investigators reveal findings on Oakland County Child Killer case

Western Ontario college students say late Christopher Bush would be charged...

DETROIT – Students from the University of Western Ontario came to Metro Detroit to help solve one of the area's biggest murder mysteries: Who is the Oakland County Child Killer?

On Wednesday, months after the Local 4 Defenders first reported the students' work, their findings were in.

The students believe suspect Christopher Bush, who was a local pedophile found dead in his room, would have been charged in one or more of the four killings if he were still alive.

"If he were alive today I would be very surprised (if weren't charged)," said Dr. Michael Arntfield, of the University of Ontario.

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Bush had a drawing on his wall of a boy in agony which closely resembled victim Mark Stebbins.

"The picture, I mean as horrific as it is ... maybe it could be Christopher Bush," said Mike Stebbins, Mark Stebbins' brother.

The Western Ontario students have concluded that no charges have come in the Oakland County Child Killer case because police have mismanaged the investigation. The students pointed out infighting among agencies, even to this day.

They say separate grand juries in Oakland County and Wayne County is confusing. They say someone has to take charge if the case is ever going to be solved.

The student report was given to local law enforcement. A source tells Local 4 that Bush is not the Oakland County Child Killer and they are not giving much merit to the Canadian students' report.