NEW: Michigan abortion bill approved by House

The bill now heads to Governor Snyder's desk for final approval


LANSING – The House has approved new abortion regulations for the state of Michigan.

The bill was approved early Friday morning on a 72-35 vote. The bill now goes to Governor Snyder's desk where he is expected to sign the bill into law.

If it receives final approval, the new legislation will add some regulations for abortion providers.

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First, they would have to screen women seeking abortions to make sure they aren't being forced to terminate the pregnancy.

It also would require private medical offices to get special licenses if they perform more than 120 abortions a year.

Those offices would also be subject to annual state inspections.

Critics call the measure confusing and say it restricts a woman's freedom.

"This bill could close the doors of those clinics that provide way more than abortion services," said state Senator Rebekah Warren, of Ann Arbor. "For the last 6 months, we have seen this constant attack, this segmenting of women's health and saying we're going to treat women different then men in health care, and it's offensive."

Supporters of the bill say these are simply reforms that will keep women safe, and are long overdue.

"Currently we have abortion clinics that are not inspected, not licensed, and this is pretty dangerous," said State Senator Rick Jones of Grand Ledge. "There are some other clinics out there around Detroit, that don't want this; and I suspect they are putting profit ahead of safety."