West Bloomfield School on Newtown shooting

Dear Parents,  

As you may have already heard, there has been a horrific shooting at a school in Connecticut earlier today, Friday, December 14.  While we know that this is far away from West Bloomfield Schools, we understand the emotions that everyone goes through when they hear such horrible news. 

I am certain that your children will hear about this tragedy through the local news and other sources. Your child may have questions and concerns. I have attached a handout from the International Center to Heal Our Children (ICHOC) to help you discuss this tragedy should your child have any questions. Because this type of situation is hard for adults to comprehend, it is even harder for children to understand.  It is suggested that you limit your child's access to media coverage of this event. 

Be assured that the District has numerous protocols in place to keep our schools safe. The District has a comprehensive safety plan that includes an active Crisis Team comprised of social workers and psychologists who are trained to handle the aftermath of emotions in response to crisis situations. In addition, our schools practice multiple safety drills throughout the school year. Safety and security of your children and our staff continue to remain the top priority for all of us in the West Bloomfield School District. 

We understand that your children are your most precious treasure.  We promise to do everything possible to keep them safe. 

Thank you. 

Gerald D. Hill, Ph.D.