Blind man attacked by would-be robber

Robbery attempt in Center Line apartment building

CENTER LINE, Mich. – A 34-year-old blind man is recovering from an attack by a man who tried to rob his apartment.

A man forced his way into the apartment of Francis Champion in the Lawrence Park high rise on Ten Mile Road in Center  Line, which is home to many elderly and special needs residents.

Francis explained he has been living with physical impairments.

"I actually went blind in '05 from diabetes. I lost my kidneys in '07 and I just had a kidney transplant August 9," Champion said.

While he is living with his disabilities, Champion said he was not prepared for the invasion of his apartment home.

"He kicked the door in. That's when I heard the blast. I jumped up out of my sleep and stumbled around the corner to see what what was going on and he just ran towards me," Champion said.

The attacker wrestled Champion to the floor. Champion said he stayed down, now knowing if there might be more than one attacker.  The intruder then ransacked the apartment but left without taking anything.

Francis Champion said he considers himself fortunate because he is young enough to survive an attack.  He is, however, worried if that intruder comes back and attacks an elderly neighbor.

That attacker remains on the loose.