Was Hoffa tipster involved in family feud?

Tony Zerilli says Hoffa's body is buried on property belonging to his cousin, Jack Tocco

DETROIT – There's another twist in the Jimmy Hoffa files.

Earlier this week, the Local 4 Defenders broke the story of alleged Mafia boss Tony Zerilli. He claims to know where Hoffa is buried.

Watch: Mob boss says he knows where Hoffa is buried

Zerilli said he thinks Hoffa is buried in Oakland County, on a piece of property that was owned by then-Maffia boss Jack Tocco.

The Local 4 Defenders have learned that Zerilli and Tocco were cousins, who stayed closed until they both ended up in prison.  

Keith Corbett was the prosecutor who sent both Zerilli and Tocco to prison. He said Tocco blames Zerilli for his prison time. When Zerilli got out of prison, Tocco refused to help Zerilli financially.

But is that enough of a reason for Zerilli to make up a story about Hoffa on Tocco's property?

Former FBI Detroit chief Andy Arena said investigators can be skeptical, but it's not something that should be dismissed.

"Because of his position, I think you've still got to take it seriously. You've got to look into it," he said.

Zerilli said it's all easy enough to prove: Just dig up the property.