Woman who flipped off judge back in court

Penelope Soto make national headlines after flipping off judge


MIAMI – A woman who flipped off a judge and later apologized appeared in court for an update on her progress in a drug rehabilitation program.

Penelope Soto appeared in drug court with her family and her attorney on Monday. The judge congratulated the soft-spoken 18-year-old on her progress.

"You are supposed to be doing as many drug tests at the moment as NAs (narcotics anonymous sessions), so you will have to pick those up," said the judge, "but eight out of eight, perfect, that's very good, congratulations."


On Feb. 4, Soto appeared before Circuit Judge Jorge Rodriguez-Chomat after she was arrested of possession of a controlled substance. He doubled her bond when she laughed, then gave her 30 days in jail when she made an obscene gesture with her middle finger.

Soto later apologized, saying she was high on Xanax at the time. Rodriguez-Chomat dropped the charge and let her go home. Per her release from jail on the possession of a controlled substance charge, Soto must participate in a drug rehabilitation program for at least one year. The program consists of drug tests, counseling, and narcotics anonymous sessions.

An official with the drug rehabilitation program said Soto's family was very involved in her treatment.

"Your smiling now which I didn't see before. I wish you well in the program. Congratulations again," said the judge.

If Soto completes the drug rehabilitation program, her charges could be dropped.

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