Metro Detroit school districts edge close to snow days max

School districts say unpaved roads have prompted snow days, closing in on maximum allowed by state of Michigan


ARMADA TOWNSHIP, Mich. – Will the school buses roll in Armada Township on Wednesday?

At this point, that remains to be seen. The school district has used five snow days. The state of Michigan says the districts are allowed six snow days each school year. After those six days, the schools have to make up the hours missed.

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"We don't want to get stranded out there with 60 students on the bus and not being able to get them, and have them sitting out there for an hour for somebody to come rescue us," said Kathy Cryderman, of Armada schools.

Armada schools have been forced to use the days the district has due to unpaved roads. Snow quantity has not been the biggest issue.

"This year, all of our snow days were due to back roads. We have so many back roads, and they're gravel. And as you know, when the rain hits, it freezes right away," said Dr. William Skilling, superintended of Oxford schools.

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Winter has been mild the past couple of years in Michigan. Many districts had to use up just two or three snow days. This year, there are multiple districts that have one day left before they reach the maximum.

"What they're looking for is total hours, not a day, per say, but they are counting hours of instruction," said Skilling.