Milk smashing prank popping up in Michigan

Teens smash gallons of milk, record video at grocery stores

TAYLOR, Mich. – Metro Detroit is seeing its first cases of an unusual prank in which teenagers go into grocery stores, smash plastic gallon containers of milk, slip and slide on the spillage and have it all recorded on cellphone video.

The prank is called milk smashing, or milk bombing, and it has become a popular video on YouTube.

One case recently happened at a Kroger supermarket in Taylor, where one young man went to the dairy aisle and started smashing gallons of milk on the floor.

But Taylor police Sgt. Troy Cox said the copycat milk bomber left something behind.

"Apparently when he was dancing around in the milk mess his wallet fell out of his pocket with his ID in it. He was subsequently issued a misdemeanor ticket, arrested and released later that day," Cox said.

The Taylor incident was apparently not recorded.  Police warn teens that if they pull this prank and are caught, they will face charges.