Protestors shut down I-94 near Lodge Freeway in Detroit

Police issue tickets, arrest 3 after protest brings traffic to halt


DETROIT – Two vehicles involved in what Michigan State Police are calling a protest brought traffic to a halt on EB I-94 near the Lodge Freeway in Detroit Monday morning.

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Police were able to pull the protestors over and write them citations.

Police issued five tickets to protestors for going under 45 mph on the Interstate. Three people were arrested for violations not related to the protest.

One person was arrested for driving on a suspended license, two drivers were arrested after it was discovered they had open warrants from Eastpointe and Detroit.

The vehicles involved had signs on them, one reading "Democracy" and another reading "Detroit emergency manager."

They are upset over Governor Rick Snyder declaring the city of Detroit is in the midst of a financial emergency and the search for an emergency financial manager.

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This isn't the first time EFM protestors have caused traffic tangles. On Wednesday, a handful of protestors slowed traffic on southbound Interstate 75 near Interstate 94 in Detroit. Traffic also was backed up on northbound I-75.

Detroit is abuzz over who Gov. Rick Snyder will appoint to try to right Detroit's financial ship. Two prominent names that keep getting mentioned are former Washington D.C. mayor Anthony Williams and former Georgia Attorney General Thurbert Baker. Yet, both men have adamantly saying they are not and will not take the job.

City courses are betting on someone from the law firm both Baker and Williams are associated with -- McKenna Long and Abridge out of Atlanta.