Detroit will meet its new police chief Wednesday

James Craig will be introduced in his hometown

Detroit – Detroit met its new police chief Wednesday.

James Craig was introduced by Detroit Mayor Dave Bing and other city leaders during a press conference.

Craig stepped aside from his job as Cincinnati police chief on Tuesday to accept the position in Detroit. 

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"I always had a goal of becoming a police chief," Craig said. "But, particularly a police chief here in Detroit."

Craig is a native of Detroit and his parents still live in the city. Since leaving to work in other parts of the country, he never forgot about his hometown.

"I've come home, this is a great day. I love the city of Detroit," Craig said.

Craig will stay in Cincinnati through June 22. During that period of time, he will continue to be in touch with Detroit.

Though he is leaving Cincinnati, he is taking many of his strategies and methods he used with him. When peppered with questions about problems with the current police situation, such as low police moral, Craig confidently outlined his plan.

"Morale will rise," Craig stated. "Morale will go through the roof. I'm committed to it and I believe in it. I want to make sure that when you call 911 in the middle of the night the cop that comes to your door is a happy cop."

Another topic that arose was police officers with guns that sit at desks rather than being out in the city.

"I don't like it," Craig said. "Officers with guns need to be in the field. If you're sworn in, full-duty and you have a gun, you need to be in the field."

Craig admitted that he had not had time to understand all of the specific issues with Detroit police, but that he was aware of a morale issue. He says he values police officers and will talk to them before making his decisions.

He said his first priority will be to reach out to the officers on the street to find out what their needs are. Then he wants to get to know the big issues going on in the city of Detroit.

One thing was obvious, Detroit's new police chief is confident that major changes are coming.

"Detroit has to get involved," Craig said. "We can no longer sit back and say this is a hopeless situation. The Detroit Police Department is going to be a premier agency."