Dearborn store employee accused of food stamp fraud

Employee at Alsalam Super Market allegedly caught allowing customers to buy cigarettes, other items with food stamps


DEARBORN, Mich. – Local 4 cameras were inside the Alsalam Super Market on Thursday in Dearborn where those in charge confirmed the sting operation but did not want to talk about food stamp fraud.

Federal investigators used their own hidden cameras to catch employee Nemr Ali Rahal allegedly taking money to let customers, who were supposed to buy baby formula with federal tax dollars, walk out of the store with cigarettes, tobacco, hookah pipes, cash and phone cards. Residents who pay for the program say it's troubling.

Shanelle Franklin receives food stamps and worries about cuts to the program because of violations such as this. She says those who truly need help pay the price for fraud.

"Because the people that are doing this are messing it up for the people who really need it," she said.

The building owner told Local 4 that the store is under new management and that the investigation was an isolated incident involving a single employee. They insist food stamp fraud is no longer tolerated at the store.

Those working in the store say the accused employee no longer works there. He will be in court on Wednesday for a plea hearing. He is expected to plead guilty to fraud charges.