Viral labor pain simulator video a fake

Troy church releases statement about viral video


TROY, Michigan – It is the video that has been talked about, trending and shared since Mother's day. The 'Labor Pain Simulator' video shows 2 men seemingly going through the motions (and pain) of child birth.


Online Facebook comments on the video include:

  • For men that their woman are expecting, it is a good idea for them to experience this, they would have more respect for us woman. And that in a way we are stronger then men.
  • All husbands/boyfriends should have a try at this.
  • I think they should do that to every single men!!!!!
  • I wish every guy would try this once in a lifetime
  • Just think, their simulation was what three minutes...put them to the real test for 6+ hours

It turns out the entire video was a fake. That's right, the men in the video never felt any pain. The video team at Kensington Church in Troy created the video and since it went viral have said they feel it is important they stay 'transparent as to the reason for the creation of the video and the way it was created."

The Church released the following statement:

The video team at Kensington Church in Troy, Michigan created the simulated "Labor Pains" video as a fun way to honor moms on Mother's Day. The actors in the video were using props to depict electrical muscle stimulation and were not actually experiencing pain. The video was part of a larger celebration of moms during our weekend services. This service (and others) can be viewed at: www.kensingtonchurch.tv <http://www.kensingtonchurch.tv. Our thanks to Dr. Julie Masters for opening her office and donating her time to be a part of the project!

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