2:55 PM is officially the least productive time of day at work

More than 400 workers surveyed in London


DETROIT – Forget the old saying about that "2:30 feeling." It's actually a bit later.

LondonOffices.com questioned more than 400 workers and noted 2:55 p.m. as the time when workers start losing interest in work and start planning their evenings.

Many people questioned by the study admitted that they could only motivate themselves with a strong cup of coffee and a bar of chocolate.

Conversely, 10:26 a.m. was cited as the most productive time, followed shortly by 4:16 p.m., which showed people were motivated by a desire to finish on time.

Finally, a majority of workers said they began to mentally switch off an average of 18 minutes before the end of the day.

Michael Davies, from LondonOffices.com, said: "We all have peaks and troughs when it comes to our levels of productivity, but the trick is to maintain a steady work level rather than swing between extremes. Often if people have a burst of energy and get a lot of work done in one hour, they maybe underperform for the next two."

He added: "I would recommend people take a few five minute ‘mini-breaks' throughout the day. This could include popping to the water fountain, grabbing a cup of tea or even a quick walk round the office."

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