Scam alert: door-to-door magazine subscription sellers

Well-dressed salesmen show up, offer magazine subscription with catch

ROYAL OAK, Mich. – Cellphone video captured a well-dressed young man wearing kakis, a dress shirt and tie and holding a clipboard and going door-to-door in Royal Oak.

He says he is with a group called Self Starters Inc. His sales pitch: saying this is a mentorship group helping young men and women learn about the business world.

But the pitchman isn't just asking for guidance, he wants you to sign on the dotted line to buy a magazine subscription.

What the salesmen won't tell you and what others reveal in these documents, it's almost impossible to cancel, and your personal info may be sold.

The list of complaints about the company is long with the Better Business Bureau.

"If anyone is coming in and soliciting at your door, the first question is why," said Melanie Duquesnel with the Michigan BBB. "Probably before you even open the door to discover that, are you feeling safe?"

Self Starters has addresses and numbers listed in several cities but it's almost impossible to get someone on the phone.


What we know is most pitchmen will convince you this is their first job. They're not selling you products but rather hoping you will support them in their first professional endeavor.

But according to the complaints, most of the sales people avoid answering specific questions about the company, the terms you're agreeing to and also they're real involvement with the company.

"When anyone goes door-to-door asking you to buy something or donate something they must have a license," said Duquesnel.

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