Ypsilanti mayor wants improved relationship with Eastern Michigan University

Recent crime creates tension between Ypsilanti, Eastern Michigan University


The rash of crime off campus has led to some finger pointing and that has put a strain on the relationship between Ypsilanti and Eastern Michigan University.

Ypsilanti Mayor Pro Tem Lois Richardson wants to improve the relationship between the city and her alma mater. She says the relationship became a little tense after a string of crimes off-campus targeting EMU students, including the unsolved murder of Demarius Reed.

"You can't say the crime is the city's fault because it's a block off the campus and you can't say it's all the university's fault either," said Richardson.

Richardson says she took offense to a comment reportedly made by a member of Eastern Michigan University's Board of Regents about the city.

"It just didn't sound good that whoever it was wished they could build a moat around the university and totally separate themselves from the city," she said.

Eastern Michigan University spokesman Geoff Larcom says the comment was taken out of context and not meant to disparage the city. He says the university has a great partnership with the city.

"We are working together with the city collaboratively and harmoniously in the efforts to ensure the safety of emu students, staff and the Ypsilanti citizens," said Larcom.

EMU is planning to hire four more officers for their off-campus patrols. The city is also devoting more resources to keeping students safe.