Man attacked over parking spot at Pontiac grocery store

Man suffers concussion after being attacked in Pontiac grocery store

PONTIAC, Mich. – Pontiac resident David Knies was assaulted by a man inside of GTM Supermarket located on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard near Perry Street.

Giovanni Alvarez, a grocery employee, says he ran from the back of the store and saw Knies on the ground and another man on top of him.

The assault was over a parking spot, Knies says.

"He told me I took his parking spot, but I didn't see him. He didn't say a word after that until he started hitting me," Knies said.

Knies said the man slammed his head against the meat counter, threw him to the floor in a choke hold and then slammed his head against the ground twice. Knies is now suffering from a severe concussion, according to his doctor.

The 56-year-old has had nine brain surgeries and moved back to Pontiac to be closer to medical care.

"I would like to support local businesses and local people, but how can you bring Pontiac back when you have things like this happening two blocks from home?" said his wife, Mary McGregor.

The suspect was identified as a black man in his 30s wearing a gray hoodie with a black vest over his hoodie.

Pontiac District 6 Councilwoman Doris Taylor Burks said she has some serious concerns about the area near the grocery store.

Oakland County Sheriff's deputies have confirmed the report and are still investigating the case. They are still looking for the suspect and ask anyone with information to call the Sheriff's Pontiac substation at 248-409-7100.