Have Detroit Police Department raids made a difference?

Residents say things have changed with less drama, more peace


DETROIT – Proactive policing -- we've seen it time and time again since Chief James Craig took over the Detroit Police Department, but has it made a difference?

"It's more peaceful. Not too much bickering and arguing," said Donna Johnson.

Johnson certainly didn't feel that way before police came in and raided her apartment building back in November. Officers arrested dozens of people at the Colony Arms.

Residents are now telling Local 4 that things have changed. They said there's less drama and more peace.

But residents like Hernanda Mcree said the raids left a little tension.

In January, police took Operation Restore Order to what they call hot spots on the city's east and west sides. At a neighborhood at Morang and Kelly, 62 people were arrested -- 39 of them on felony charges.

Mrs. Wendy didn't want her face shown, but said there's been a drastic turnaround here, too.

"One thing, they put in more lighting," said Wendy. "Police patrol around here a lot. I've lived here 13 years. Never been visible before."

People in these communities know things won't change overnight, but as for now, they like what they're seeing.

"This chief. I feel safer," one resident said. "Over 40 years, never felt this safe."