George Cushingberry Jr. pays traffic ticket

Detroit councilman faces infraction for failing to signal during January incident


DETROIT – Detroit City Council Pro Tem George Cushingberry Jr. paid a traffic ticket that was previously dismissed because of a paperwork mix-up.

Cushingberry faced a civil infraction for failure to signal. He faced a judge on Monday to learn he wwould have to pay for the infraction after all, which he did later in the day.

It's all part of a now notorious traffic stop on Jan. 7, when marijuana and an empty liquor bottle were found in Cushingberry's car. Cushingberry says he was leaving the Penthouse Lounge when he was pulled over for not using his turn signal.

Detroit Police Chief James Craig said the marijuana belonged to a passenger in Cushingberry's car, who has a medical marijuana card, but it should not have been out in the open in the car.

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Police said the previous ticket was dismissed earlier this month when the officer who cited Cushingberry didn't get a notice to appear in court because 36th District Court sent it to the officer's old post.

Cushingberry has said he wasn't drunk and was a victim of racial profiling.