Nearly painless procedure regrows hairlines

DETROIT – You've probably seen the many commercials out there promising to cure hair loss and help regrow hair. The results might be less than what you expected. But right here in metro Detroit, doctors are using your own hair to fix common hair loss problems.

While it's not new, it's definitely gaining popularity because of its 90-95% success rate and doctor guarantee.  It's a very common problem for men, receding hairlines, thinning hair or even baldness.

"I just wear a baseball cap a lot because I don't like that look," said hair loss patient Jay Novetski. "I feel like it makes me feel older."

Hair loss can affect men and women and is typically hereditary. Genetic or not, it can really affect a person's self esteem.

"I had a gentleman recently, I couldn't believe how much it could affect him," said cosmetic surgeon Dr. Mark Berkowitz. "He got a promotion and he turned the promotion down because he knew he could no longer wear his hat."

Berkowitz, is a plastic surgeon at Accents Cosmetic Surgery in Sterling Heights. He's restoring confidence in more and more hair loss patients with what's called a NeoGraft.

"A NeoGraft is a breakthrough procedure for hair transplantation," Berkowitz said. "What this does is we cherry pick. We take one graph at a time and we bathe the graph throughout and we replace one graph at a time to create a beautiful new hairline for people."

Berkowitz simply uses this machine to take hairs from a thicker patch of your scalp and plants them in a less dense area. The hair can continue to grow in its new spot on its own.

Novetski is one of Berkowitz's clients.

"I've had a problem with the lack of hair on the top of my head for the past 15 years," he said. "I'm amazed.  The doctor told me it could be six to nine months before I get my final results, but this is only 12 days, and as you can see I have hair on the top of my head!"

Novetski had tried everything in his quest to fix his hair problem. He's even got the scars to prove it from other procedures that didn't really work. A hair transplant is the only thing giving him results.

"I wanted to have that more healthier youthful appearance so it was worth it to me," he said.

And it's worth it to Berkowitz.

Not only does he practice transplants, he's experienced it first-hand.

"My hairline was receding quite a bit," said Berkowitz. "I was getting the temple area going all the way back over here. I was thinning out quite a bit."

Months later, you can see the difference.

But a hair transplant isn't for everyone. People with an auto immune disease or no hair at all don't qualify. But for the majority who do, a hair transplant could solve their problem.

As you can imagine a procedure like this doesn't come cheap. Berkowitz says it typically costs around $3,000 -- and the cost can go up from there. Still, there's typically little to no pain and patients are back at work the next day.

If this procedure is for you, contact Accents Cosmetic Surgery at 866-579-7508.

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