Detroit police launch 'Project Lighthouse'

Innovative neighborhood watch program is launched

DETROIT – The Detroit Police Department announced the expansion of Project Lighthouse, and innovative neighborhood watch program designed to keep residents, employees and visitors safe in the city of Detroit.

Businesses who have joined forces to enhance the safety and security of downtown Detroit will display logos and banners on their buildings identifying them as a safe haven to assist those in need.

Project Lighthouse originally included businesses in the Central Business District and has now expanded to some residential areas of the city.

The goal of the project sites located within the residential areas of the city is to enhance safety and security through cooperative and coordinated private and public partnership involving security and law enforcement entities serving the area.

Participating neighborhood lighthouses will provide assistance to citizens and visitors 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Assistance will include shelter, the use of telephone and bathroom facilities, safety information for citizens and coordinated police assistance via community police officers. Those who have serious safety concerns should call 911 first for assistance.

The following locations will serve as the neighborhood lighthouse locations:

  • BP Gas Station- 17776 Grand River Avenue
  • BP Gas Station - 10601 E. Outer Drive
  • BP Gas Station - 10736 E. Jefferson Avenue
  • Marathon Gas Station - 8930 W. McNichols
  • Marathon Gas Station - 14700 E. Jefferson Avenue
  • Mobil Gas Station - 14820 E. Jefferson Avenue
  • City of Detroit Airport Security Department - 11499 Conner Street

The collaboration between the Detroit Police Department, other law enforcement agencies and the community allows Project Lighthouse to run at no cost to the City of Detroit. The Lighthouse businesses are funding the project.