2 semi-trucks collide, catch fire on I-75 in Monroe County; at least 1 person killed

Northbound I-75 reopens at Laplaisance Road


MONROE COUNTY – Interstate 75 at Laplaisance Road in Monroe County is open again after crews cleaned up debris from a fatal semi-truck crash and fire.

The crash happened about 10 a.m. Wednesday near the Dunbar Road bridge. Michigan State Police troopers are at the crash scene. They confirm at least one person was killed in this fiery crash.


Aerial video of the crash:


Buddy Miller is a truck driver who was stuck in the traffic jam created by this crash.

Listen: Buddy Miller describes crash on I-75 in Monroe County

"You see the tail end of the semi, a bunch of police officers surrounding him. Lights are going off. Don't see anymore fire trucks. They kept coming back and forth. I think they were running out of water," he said.

At about 10:50 a.m. when Local 4 talked with him, Miller said he had been stuck in the traffic for about an hour or an hour and 1/2.

"We saw the smoke from a distance. The closer we got it got worse. When the fire truck showed up we saw the smoke changing colors," said Miller.

He drives an 18-wheeler and has been a trucker for 17 years. He said he heard what may have happened to the trucks over his CB radio.

"Somebody said over the CB that a trucker had hit the bridge and that another truck hit him. Then it was confirmed. I got a picture of it sent to my phone -- two semis," he said.

Miller said in crashes such as this, often times a car is to blame for putting the trucks in a bad position.

"That's not 100 percent. You know, he could have been not paying attention," he said.

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