Police: Woman raped while viewing Craigslist rental home

DETROIT – A Detroit woman who turned to Craigslist to find a rental home said she found a real estate agent who told her he had the perfect, affordable property for her and her daughter.

"He called my phone and said, 'Just come by and you can check out the house.' He was broadcasting to females that he was selling houses for people who didn't have houses," the woman said.

She thought she was going to view her future home, but when the woman showed up on Rosa Parks, the house was abandoned and she found herself starring down the barrel of a gun.

The victim said one man grabbed her 2-year-old daughter and another man grabbed her, forced her behind the house and did the unthinkable.

"The man told my daughter to sit on porch and she actually watched him rape me," the woman said.

The woman said she wanted to speak out to warn other women.

"I want to tell the females to be careful. Never leave out alone. Everything online is not real," she said.