Plymouth-Canton students hospitalized on 'Cloud 9' drug

CANTON TOWNSHIP, Mich. – Lab tests are pending but Canton Township police believe four students inhaled or ingested a synthetic drug known as Cloud 9, which is so potent the cops handle it with gloves.

It was being distributed at or near Salem High School. One victim was acting erratically Friday morning.

"He was walking around, he bumped into a teacher, spilling coffee on the teacher. The teacher went to address the student and he really was unresponsive to a large degree," said Det. Sgt. Chad Baugh.

A 17-year-old girl became ill Thursday.

"By taking eight or nine drops on her tongue which led to what we believe was a medical reaction where the fire department was called to assist her," said Baugh.

She is still hospitalized. The other three also required medical treatment. They are believed to have taken the drugs through a vaporizer commonly used for e-cigarettes.

They're commonly known as bath salts, though they have nothing to do with the tub. The physical effects are similar to cocaine or meth.

"Hallucinations, nausea, vomiting, extreme high heart rate which is causing medical experts a great amount of concern," said Canton Township Deputy Police Chief Debra Newsome.

Canton Township police are making progress in the investigation.

"We have a person who we believe has been distributing this Cloud 9 and we understand probably at least one location that's selling it," said Baugh.

Their other mission is to warn students about the dangers of these drugs.

Plymouth-Canton schools are telling parents: "We encourage you to discuss the dangers and illegality of drugs and alcohol and the importance of good decision making and consequences with your children."