Metro Detroit bishop, religious leaders meet with President Obama

Chaldean community warns what happens overseas has consequences for US


DETROIT – As a bloody battle rages for control of Iraq, there are new calls for help from those fearing for the people caught in the crosshairs.

The terror group is gaining global attention with many saying it's more brutal and extreme than al-Qaida.

A metro Detroit bishop and an international coalition of Christians met face to face with President Barack Obama this week. This was an international effort organized in metro Detroit.

The bishop from a Chaldean church and Christian leaders from Lebanon, Syria, London and New Jersey went to Washington, where they met the president.

On one side of the table bishops and patriarchs were asking for help protecting Christian and minority groups in Iraq from ISIS. On the other side was Obama, who has authorized airstrikes on ISIS targets.

The valuable face time was organized in part by the group In Defense of Christians. There are more than 400,000 Christians in Iraq and they, along with other innocent people, have had to flee their homes as ISIS gains ground.

While they call the meeting with the president hopeful, ISIS is gaining strength as thousands of new fighters join the ranks, including more than 100 Americans.

The Chaldean community in metro Detroit warn that what happens overseas has undeniable consequences for the U.S.

Religious leaders said they want more military intervention and humanitarian aid so people can return to their homes. They also want the Iraqi government to take a bigger role in the war on terror, but said ISIS will not be dismantled without international help.

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