7-year-old shot after getting caught in crossfire

DETROIT – Seven-year-old India Williams was riding her bicycle near her home, enjoying a perfect day. But then she was hit in in the chest by gunfire.

"(She's a) smart, bright young girl," said Eric Tucker, Williams' uncle. "(She had a) bright future. (I) hope she still does. (She) gets along with everybody. This is devastating."

Late Sunday afternoon, a group in a white Impala was chasing a dark, mid-sized SUV. The driver of the Impala was heading north on Charest, near Eight Mile, trading shots with the other vehicle. Williams was hit by at least one bullet, fell and the bike landed on top of her. Her grandmother and mother reached her moments later.

"I heard them yelling, 'Not my baby.' (They were) just screaming. I got my phone and called 911," said Danielle Summerour.

Williams was conscious but critically wounded in the chest.

"As I get over there, the little girl's on the ground," said neighbor Reginald Bassett. "They were compressing her wounds. She had two wounds. (Police) said, 'You got hit.' She said, 'I'm not hit.' She was sleepy, lethargic."

Police arrived quickly. They had no time to wait for an ambulance.

Chief James Craig said two gunman were firing from the white impala. Officials said the dark SUV could be a GMC Envoy but that is not confirmed.

Williams underwent surgery Sunday evening at Children's Hospital. Her family's pastor, Bishop Joe Wallace of Abundant Faith Cathedral, shared some encouraging news.

"She is stable, doing well," he said. "They are moving her to a room. I'm so happy about that."

Investigators are canvassing Williams' neighborhood. Craig said they are getting tips and have identified the area where the dispute began. He said they are making progress in the investigation.