Boy, 7, shot by stray bullet that went through wall of Detroit home

Police investigating where gunfire came from

DETROIT – An 7-year-old boy is recovering after being shot in the back by a bullet that ripped through the wall of a Detroit home late Wednesday night.

Police said the boy was with several other children in a home in the 15300 block of Evanston Street when gunfire erupted outside of the home just before 11 p.m.

A bullet entered the house and hit the boy. Several other children were awake with him in an upstairs bedroom. Without waiting for EMS, Detroit police rushed the boy to the hospital themselves.

"It's unfortunate that it even happened at all, but the fact that it did, had he been even an inch taller, had he been sitting in a different position we could be having a very different conversation right now," said Officer Adam Madera.

The boy is listed in temporary serious condition at St. John Hospital.

Police said they are still working to determine who, and why, shots were fired.

"We're still working on finding exactly where the shot came from and exactly what the circumstances were," said Madera.