Trio swipes iPhones from Radio Shack in Lincoln Park


LINCOLN PARK, Mich. – It only took a couple of minutes on Sunday for thieves to steal thousands of dollars in phones from a Radio Shack in Lincoln Park.

The robbery happened just before closing time at the store on Southfield Road near Dix Road.

Surveillance video given to Local 4 by police showed three men, one of which appeared to be in a security guard uniform, entered the store together.

While of the men asked a sales associate about tablet protectors, another man pulled out a gun.

Police said the gunman told the sales associate to be calm because it was only a robbery and the men didn't want to hurt anyone.

The men raided the store's storage cage and got away with nearly $8,000 in iPhones.

"It appears that it was well planned out, that they knew exactly what they are looking for and that they possibly cased the location prior to the robbery," said Lincoln Park Lt. Joe Lavis.

Investigators are also looking into if these men are connected to other robberies. Police are searching for the men shown in surveillance images.

"We are working with several downriver agencies to see if there's any similar crimes," Lavis said.