Text messages reveal Plymouth Twp. teen's plot to stab family

Roksana Sikorski, Michael Rivera accused of conspiring to kill Sikorski's family

PLYMOUTH, Mich. – A Plymouth Township teenager and her 23-year-old boyfriend are heading to trial, both as adults for the attempted murder of her entire family.

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As the evidence was laid out in court, Local 4 News heard some of the text messages the two exchanged the night of the attack. They're complete with instructions on how to slit a throat and peppered with emoticons.

"Babe I can't do it :( I need ur help," this text kicked off a stream of back-and-forth between Roksana Sikorski and her boyfriend, Michael Rivera.

According to investigators the two had hatched a scheme to kill her whole family. According to her texts, Sikorski was having a hard time going through with it.

"I feel like dad is waking. He's moving but snoring. Babe..?" Sikorski wrote.

Her boyfriend responded, "Baby im here just cut the throat quickly on both of them."

The texts are a volley between the duo. At one point Rivera sent Sikorski a picture of a neck to show where the artery is.


Sikorski texted, "Babe I can't f***ing do it. I'm too scared. I want u to do it.... :( Plzz baby plzz. He kept waking up."

Rivera responds, "If he sees.me tho babe there will be a struggle n cops will.come :/"

She pleads with him, "Babe no cops will come. I busted the phone lines. Plz babe :("

View: Text messages exchanged between Sikorski, Rivera (**WARNING: Content may be graphic for some viewers**)

Sikorski didn't succeed in knifing her parents, but she did cut her 12-year-old brother's neck. His screaming stopped the attack on the rest of the family in its tracks.

Her brother testified by video Thursday Sikorski's parents believe their daughter and Rivera hatched the murder plot because they had gone to the police and asked them to pursue rape charges against Rivera.

They had hoped Sikorski would be charged as a juvenile. Thursday night, she's bound over to trial as an adult along with Rivera.

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