Woman accused of stealing from Waterford Cub Scouts launches fundraising website

Jennnifer Aiken solicited for money on GoFundMe, saying she'd fallen on hard times


TROY, Mich. – The Local 4 Defenders broke the story Sunday night about woman who admitted stealing thousands of dollars from a local Cub Scout troop so that she could pay her own bills.

Jennifer Aiken is facing charges and is free on bond, and Wednesday night Local 4 found out she is trying to raise some money, but the way she's doing it has a lot of people upset.

Aiken, who has been arrested charged and actually admitted to stealing $6,000 from a troop of Waterford Cub Scouts went on GoFundMe soliciting for money saying she had fallen on hard times, but not explaining what the money was for.

Pack 182 parents had their jaws on the floor.

"I couldn't believe it," said parent David McKinnon said.

"I literally went into the bedroom, grabbed a pillow and screamed as loud as I could," said parent Julie Polaski.

Aiken, who was on a Scout committee, admitted to Local 4's Karen Drew she took the money.

"I did not take it intentionally," Aiken told Local 4. "I was going tough hard times and I am working on trying to find out how I can pay it back."

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Aiken has been busted by the sheriff for embezzlement. She apparently thought GoFundMe was a good idea. Parents contacted the site and urged them to take it down.

The page was gone Wednesday night, and the Cub Scouts, who raised that money from popcorn sales, are still without a dime after Aiken spent it all on bills -- or did she?

Aiken claims she's homeless, which until Wednesday night wasn't true. Her landlord contacted Local 4. She's been living in northern Oakland County renting a room. After Local 4's story aired, Aiken's landlord wanted her out and showed Local 4 a shed full of primarily new stuff, most with tags on that Aiken's been keeping on her property.

Pack 182 parents don't think they'll ever get a dime out of her.

"It is just amazing what people are capable of, especially when they're supposed to be helping a group like the Cub Scouts, that's about core values like responsibility, trustworthiness and things along those lines," said parent Alan Polaski.

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