Detroit woman shoots at 3 intruders; 1 in custody, 2 on run

DETROIT – A woman on Detroit's east side shot at three males who were breaking into her home Tuesday afternoon, striking one of them.

Detroit police say one person -- the person who was shot -- is in custody while they are actively searching for the other two.

The home is located in the 15000 block of Tuxedo Street. Neighbors told Local 4 this type of crime is an ongoing problem in the area.

"I'm glad she did (shoot)," said neighbor Chris Ballard, who said he had his window kicked in this week. "I hope it's the same guys who got me yesterday. I hope it is."

Ballard said he hopes more homeowners fighting back like his neighbor will give thieves the message that they can't get away with it.

Detroit police say the woman is cooperating and talking with detectives.