Residents near Glo Nightclub take frustrations to City Council

City Council votes unanimously against renewing club's temporary liquor license

FERNDALE, Mich. – They say the noise is bad enough, but throw in the trash, drinking and fighting and some people living in Ferndale have had enough.

They live within earshot of the Glo Nightclub on Woodward Avenue and Monday night they took their frustrations to City Council.

On one hand, there are new business owners who said they're being smeared with false allegations of violence and just want a fair chance to succeed. On the other hand, there are neighbors who say the nightclub doesn't meet Ferndale's slogan of being a good neighbor.

One by one, frustrated Ferndale residents took to the podium at the City Council meeting. People said the neighborhood is littered with bottles and trash and that some clubgoers have threatened them.

The nightclub opened in November and since then, Ferndale police have been called more than 30 times. Todd Flood, the attorney representing Glo, argued that the new nightclub should have time to right it's wrongs.

Surveillance video from inside the club on St. Patrick's day show multiple fights where the police chief said a number of people were injured.

Ferndale City Council voted unanimously against renewing the club's temporary liquor license. However, that license isn't up for renewal until September.

It was a small victory for people in Ferndale, but the club will stay open for business for now.

Ferndale police are still actively looking for the man seen in the surveillance video in connection with a stabbing.

Local 4 learned that after the fight on St. Patrick's Day, the victim got into a car and started speeding to Beaumont Hospital. The victim was stopped by Berkley police. When the saw the man was injured man they helped escort him to the hospital. He was stabbed in the chest and ribs.

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