2 men sue Detroit bar, bouncers over alleged assault

Men claim bouncers punched them, knocked 1 unconscious

DETROIT – Two men who claim they were violently thrown out of Detroit's Old Shillelagh bar last spring have filed a lawsuit.

According to the lawsuit filed by Kevin Khami and Phillip Yatooma, they were at the bar celebrating the Detroit Tigers Opening Day on March 29, 2014 when they were ejected from the bar, punched and knocked down to the ground by two bouncers.

The incident started when the plaintiffs' wives went to the bathroom at the bar and were gone for a long enough time that Khami become concerned and went to look for them.

Khami said that as he approached the hall, which had separate sides for men and women, he said he was approached by a bouncer who told him he couldn't go through.

According to the lawsuit, despite Khami telling the bouncer he was looking for his wife, the "bouncer then started to push Khami out of the area towards the side door and several other bouncers joined him."

When Yatooma went over to Khami, the bouncers started cursing at both men and pushed them outside onto the street, according to the lawsuit.

The lawsuit alleges a verbal argument continued between the men and the bouncers until one bouncer punched Yatooma in the face and another punched Khami so hard he was knocked unconscious.

The incident was caught on cellphone video, which was obtained by Local 4.

The lawsuit is asking for damages based on physical injuries and emotional distress the men suffered.