Woman, 93, still pursuing love of learning


DETROIT – It's safe to say Juanita Gregory-Harvey loves to learn.

At 93, she already has seven college degrees to display, most of which have been completed in the last decade.

The degrees, mostly from Wayne County Community College, range in human resources, business administration, arts, science, and information technology.

"I got B's, C's, some A's," Gregory-Harvey said.

To be fair, she did have one teacher wrapped around her finger: Her son.

 "I didn't have a choice but to pass her," Homer Harvey said.

Homer Harvey taught one of her classes at WCCC. He's since retired.

"I can take advantage of going to school because I don't have to pay for it," Gregory-Harvey said.

At WCCC, seniors can attend classes as long as they live in the county.

Gregory-Harvey worked in human resources at AT&T for more than 29 years. She also worked for the government, was a court reporter and a typist as well. 

Gregory-Harvey's granddaughter, Marjorie Harvey, works with students at WCCC and uses her story to inspire other students.

"Usually when I tell it, a lot of people they are in awe about my grandmother that's 93, that's still going to school that still can park her car at the downtown campus and walk to the people mover and go and do what she wants to do downtown," Marjorie Harvey said.

Not much can stop Gregory-Harvey's determination to learn, not even a bad fall.

"She fell outside in the parking lot at school and she had a test to take and she went to take her test," Marjorie Harvey said. "She couldn't miss her test."

And it was worth it. She passed.

Is there anything left for Gregory-Harvey to get a degree in?

"She'll find something," Marjorie Harvey said.

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