Detroit police chief: Sen. Virgil Smith is in custody

Senator arrested following shots fired Sunday morning outside home

Local 4 News at 11
Local 4 News at 11

DETROIT – Detroit police James Craig said State Sen. Virgil Smith was arrested over the weekend on allegations of aggravated assault and malicious destruction of property.

Sources told Local 4 that Smith, who represents the fourth district, fired several shots into his girlfriend's car during an argument outside the home at Wexford and Hildale on Detroit's east side. Craig said officers went to the home about 1 a.m. Sunday on a report of domestic violence.

"The Senator has been cooperative with our investigation since the beginning," said Craig. "He is still in custody."

Craig spoke to the media Monday morning and wouldn't go into details about his investigation but did say a weapon was recovered during a search at the home.

"We did recover a weapon. It's unknown if that weapon was used in the malicious destruction of property," he said.

Sources told Local 4 that Smith and his girlfriend, a prominent businesswoman from Ann Arbor, had been arguing. Police said the victim told them multiple shots were fired in front of the home. Sources said the woman was not injured, but that her 2015 Mercedes Benz was struck by gunfire.

Craig said as far as he knows this is the only contact his department has ever had with Smith.

As for any possible charges, a spokeswoman with the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office said the office received a warrant request for this on Monday. The office is requesting further investigation from the Detroit Police Department.

Local 4 reached out to Smith's girlfriend but she did not return any calls.