Wild police chase through Warren streets

WARREN, Mich. – The chase was fast, furious, and dangerous.

The driver actually passed a Warren squad car on Van Dyke heading toward Eight Mile and then took off.  He wasn't alone.

Two 20-year-old women were also in the car. The women said they just met the 30-year-old driver and his cousin at a Warren motel, but they wanted no part of the chase.

With unwilling passengers in the backseat, the driver goes through fence and blows out two tires. His read bumper falls off during the chase. With warrants out for his arrest, the driver wouldn't let any of it stopped his attempted flight from police.

After a spin-out of Mound Rd, one of the women in the backseat waves a white flag of surrender and both women climb out the car windows.

With the chase over, the driver's cousin begged the police not to choose: "Don't kill me, sir."

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